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Affordable Alaska - ATA Lodge Last Minute Special Deals - Best Fishing at the Best Prices in Bristol Bay!

Find your "Pot of Gold" at the End of the Rainbow at ATA Lodge, on the Alagnak Wild River! The Specials at ATA Lodge for the 2017 Season! We Have some Fantastic Special Offers and Deals for the most Affordable Alaska Fishing in Bristol Bay, Alaska on the Alagnak Wild River at Alaska Trophy Adventures Lodge! 1)  11 Days for the Price of 7 - This is an opening week offer from June 8-18, 2017.  As opening day falls mid-week, we are throwing the first few days in for free and basing our prices on our lowest priced lodge based package available.  So that is 11 days for only $4,995.00.   This is prime leopard rainbow trout time and very good for...

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A Peek in to the Mind of a Fishing Guide at ATA Lodge on the Alagnak Wild River, a Bristol Bay Fishing Lodge!

Jacob McGee Takes Us to His Backyard in Alaska The world is moving at an increasingly fast pace and with society becoming more and more “advanced”, it is easy (for myself at least) to get caught up in it all. There are always bills to pay and deadlines to make, but having a summer job working as a guide at a remote lodge in Alaska is the perfect way for a young man, with a love of fishing, to procrastinate. Fly fishing, for me, has slowly become less about the fish I catch or the flies I tie, and more about being in tune with the river. Now don't get me wrong, I love watching a trout rise or a rod bend...

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The "Moment" - Alaska Trophy Adventures Lodge - a Bristol Bay Fishing Lodge - Where the Best "Moments" of your Life will Remind you of Best of What Alaska Has to Offer!

So, What Do You Look for in an Alaskan Fishing Trip?   Fish of course!   Well, that's a given at ATA Lodge!  But we think that sometimes, it isn't so much about the fish, as it is about the....."Moment".   A week spent on the Alagnak Wild River, is filled with thousands of "Moments".  "Moments" that will imprint themselves upon your senses, and store themselves in the recesses of your memory.  "Moments" that you will remember and carry with you for the rest of your for Life!   There are "Moments" spent standing in the river surrounded by the stunning scenery of this truly remote and pristine wilderness.  Majestic mountains stand sentinel over the horizon.  And then in the "Moment", when...

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How Come You Aren't Jumping on this Opening Week Deal?? Best Alaska Fishing Trip at the Best Price Ever!! Come Join ATA Lodge on the Alagnak Wild River in Bristol Bay this June!

How Come You Aren't Jumping on this Opening Week Deal?? That's 11 days for the price of 7 Plus our 3 for the Price of 2 Deal Combined!   4 free days for 11 days of fishing starting June 8 through June 18, 2017    Only $3,300.00 each for a party of 3 That's a $25,550.00 value for only $9,990.00!!!  (60% DISCOUNT) Since the Alagnak doesn’t open for fishing until June 8th, our first week is shorter this year than the others. Therefore we are offering an incredible opening week deal - 11 days for the price of only 7!! Basically you get 4 free days as we will not be charging full rates for the opening first few days and...

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Alagnak River Fishing Forecast - Alaska Trophy Adventures a Bristol Bay Fishing Lodge expects a Fantastic 2017 Season - Alaska's Best Fishing Trip

Alaska Trophy Adventures Lodge Fishing Forecast for 2017! Recent mild weather conditions the past few years, combined with record runs of all 5 species of Pacific Salmon bode well for this seasons Trout Fishing on the Alagnak Wild River!   Warmer winters and record numbers of spawning salmon mean one thing....More and Bigger Trout!  All the eggs, fry and smolt resulting from millions of salmon spawning, provide an abundant source of food for our resident species such as the beautiful leopard rainbow trout, arctic grayling and arctic char! Plenty of snow this year on the mountains should ensure perfect water conditions this upcoming season throughout all our head-water streams, tributaries and river!  We have noticed an increase in the average...

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