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Alagnak River

Alagnak River - Flows from Katmai National Forest to Bristol Bay

The Alagnak River flows from the Katmai National Forest into Bristol Bay. Considered by many to offer the Best Fishing, Nature Photography, and Bear Watching in the World.

The Alagnak river flows through a wild land of captivating landscapes, abundant wildlife, and cultural heritage. Meandering down the braided river, you may discover a bald eagle perched atop a spruce tree in the boreal forest, gaze at a moose browsing above the river bank in the wet sedge tundra, or encounter a brown bear feasting upon spawning salmon.

For centuries people have lived along the Alagnak and depended on the rich natural resources for survival. Today, Alaska Natives from nearby villages still depend on the area for subsistence hunting and fishing. The Alagnak River’s wildlife and Class I–III rapids offer an exciting trip for many boaters, and the abundant fish make the river the most sought after destination for fly fishing in Southwest Alaska.

In order to protect the Alagnak’s free-flowing characteristics, striking scenery, diverse wildlife, and cultural history, the upper 67 miles of the Alagnak was designated a Wild River in 1980 by the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act under the provisions of the 1968 National Wild and Scenic Rivers Act. Alagnak Wild River is part of the National Wild and Scenic Rivers Systems of Alaska.

Alagnak Salmon Fishing River in AlaskaThe Alagnak River has been a productive place to live for thousands of years; home to those who have thrived on its bounty. An archaeological survey conducted in 1997 revealed that people have lived along the river for the past 8,000 years. Alaska Natives continue to own land along the Alagnak River, practicing traditional subsistence activities. As you enjoy the river, remember those who came before and respect the special cultural heritage of the area. 

Alaska Trophy Adventures Lodge is located in the heart of what is one of Alaska’s last truly remote rivers systems. Using jet boats to navigate these waters allows us to access the best fishing spots, when combined with our remote location, far away from other lodges, you will see more wildlife than humans while on the river. We are dedicated to our river and our clients; providing the best experience Alaska has to offer while ensuring that this system will be just as healthy for generations to come.  

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