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Why Alaska Fly-Fishing Trips?
The Best Fly-Fishing in America Is In Alaska!

If fly-fishing were considered a religion, then Alaska would be its High Church. Fly-Fishing in Alaska is more than just a sport or passion - it’s a way of life. Once you have been bitten by the bug, you’re “hooked”. Fly-fisherman have the unique excuse to visit some of the most remote and stunningly beautiful locations on the planet.

My father always told me it’s about being outdoors and on the river; catching a fish is just a bonus. Well in Alaska, I have to constantly remind myself to stop and appreciate the scenery because the fishing is so great. When discussing fishing, you may have heard the saying “it’s called fishing not catching”. But in South West Alaska it can often seem like catching. For many, Alaska has always been a dream destination, somewhere they envision coming to only once in a lifetime. But once you get up here and experience what we have to offer, it will be hard to stay away.

There is something about catching a huge Alaskan rainbow trout or salmon, surrounded by beauty beyond compare, that I believe calls to the deepest part in all of us.

South-West Alaska is the High Church of fly-fishing. Whether it be the sensation of a 35+lbs King Salmon pushing a double handed rod to its limits, or seeing a 26-inch rainbow trout rise to crush a mouse pattern tied the previous evening, or just the feeling that no one has ever fished these beautiful waters before; it has to be said that fishing in Alaska is something very special. It brings us back to the reason we started fishing in the first place when we were children. For the fun of it, for the thrill of a tight line, and the sound of a reel's drag screaming. It's for the laughter when your friend loses that fish of a lifetime, because in the heat of the moment he forgot to let go of the reel as "the one that got away” took its final run downstream.

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