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Resident Fish

The Best Alaska Fly Fishing Comes From The Bounty Of Our Secluded Fishery & It's Species

Rainbow Trout Fly Fishing 

Rainbow Trout are one of the most prized fish for many anglers traveling to Alaska.

Whether if for their great size, or the fact that they fight harder here than anywhere else in the world, the Alaskan Rainbow is a fish that should be on everyone’s bucket list. With only a few short months to gain crucial weight before the harsh winter begins again, these fish have to be strong, resilient and aggressive feeders, leaving them prone to attack both top water and subsurface flies. The Alagnak Rainbows, also referred to as “Leopard Trout” because of the pronounced spots which cover their whole body, are truly a dream game fish; one of mother nature’s most beautiful works of art. We target these fish all season long with great success, using everything from a 6 to a 9 wt. rod. Whether it be a 6 wt. with floating line and mouse pattern, or an 8 wt. doublehanded rod with skagit line and an intruder pattern, you are sure to find the Alaskan Rainbow experience you are looking for on the Alagnak River.

Our prime season for Trophy Rainbow trout is June through Early-July / August through September.


Arctic Char Fly Fishing

Arctic Char are a beautiful fish that closely resemble a large brook trout.

They are strong fighters with very similar feeding patterns to trout. As a result, you will catch these fish while targeting our rainbows and often thy rise to dry flies as well as chasing streamers. Char are best known for their fall colours of bright reds and orange. Although we catch these spectacular fish all season, the best time to come and target them is August through September as they increase in numbers and beauty. A 6/7 wt. rod with weight forward floating line is recommended when fishing for Arctic char.

ARCTIC CHAR  BOOKING OPTIONS   FISHING PERIOD: All season with peak in Weeks 8-13

Arctic Grayling Fly Fishing

Arctic Grayling are generally dark across the back and have iridescent grey sides.

With its sail-like dorsal fin and dotted with spectacular patterns, the Grayling is one of the most unusual and beautiful fish of Alaska. The Alagnak river offers our angler unlimited access to trophy Grayling fishing all season long. One of the great things about Grayling is the fact that they always seem to be looking up which makes them prone to taking dry fly patterns even after the salmon start spawning. They will often come clear out of the water on their aggressive takes. It is hard to say when the prime season for this beautiful fish is, as we seem to do well for them regardless of the time of year. A 5/6 wt rod is best for Grayling fishing but you may want to use a 7 wt. in case a big trout comes along.


Lake Trout Fly Fishing

Lake Trout is the largest of the char family and can grow to a massive size.

They are Alaska’s largest resident fresh water fish. With distinct spots, elongated bodies and deeply forked tail fins they are easy to identify. On the Alagnak we mostly see these fish during the early season (June/first week of July) when they are chasing migrating smolt from the lakes down into our river system. They are aggressive feeders and will prey on anything and everything in our rivers. If anglers want to target these fish later in the season it is just a short boat ride away to assess one of two lakes full of Lake Trout. A 7/8 wt. rod with slow sink tips are recommended for these strong fighting fish.

LAKE TROUT  BOOKING OPTIONS  MAIN FISHING PERIOD: All season with peak in Weeks 1-4 / 10-13

Northern Pike Fly Fishing

Northern Pike are ferocious predators prone to attack both top water and subsurface flies.

The Alagnak River holds a stable population of Norther Pike during the summer, deep backwater slews or small isolated lakes are where you will find them sitting in ambush. Their explosive takes and prehistoric look is what sets them apart from other fish in the area, but they are built for short fast strikes and not long sustained fights so they often come quickly to the net. A 7 wt. rod is sufficient when fishing for Northern Pike, but be sure your guide has wire leader before going after them as they have large sharp teeth.




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