ClickCease Fine Dining – Alaska Trophy Adventures Lodge

Fine Dining

Wonderful Food and New Relationships

Our Kitchen is opposite the main dining area which overlooks the scenic Alagnak River.

Serving high quality meals is a top priority for us and we do our best to source all local produce. We strive to create delicious well-presented meals using fresh and healthy ingredients.

Breakfast and dinner are taken in the main lodge where guides are welcomed to dine with guests after a long day on the water. Most days' lunches are prepared and brought on the water for a stream-side lunch but some days in the height of the salmon run your guide will prepare your fresh caught salmon over an open fire.

We hope you are as passionate about your food as we are. We will try to be flexible and will do our best to shape meals around your dietary needs so please feel free to ask. 

Contact Info

Box 31,
King Salmon,
Alaska, 99613
Phone: +(1) 877 801 2289
Phone: +(1) 907 519 6820
Phone: +(44) 7775 602 424