How Come You Aren't Jumping on this Opening Week Deal?? Best Alaska Fishing Trip at the Best Price Ever!! Come Join ATA Lodge on the Alagnak Wild River in Bristol Bay this June!

How Come You Aren't Jumping on this Opening Week Deal??
That's 11 days for the price of 7
Plus our 3 for the Price of 2 Deal Combined!
4 free days for 11 days of fishing starting June 8 through June 18, 2017
Only $3,300.00 each for a party of 3
That's a $25,550.00 value for only $9,990.00!!!
Since the Alagnak doesn’t open for fishing until June 8th, our first week is shorter this year than the others. Therefore we are offering an incredible opening week deal - 11 days for the price of only 7!! Basically you get 4 free days as we will not be charging full rates for the opening first few days and giving you 11 days for the price of a normal week instead! Also, we are happy to announce that we will be offering this package at our lowest base package rate as well - 11 days for only $4995 pp.
This is a great time to come and target resident fish like Rainbow trout, Arctic Grayling and Lake trout, as the river has been closed to fisherman for a few months and the fish are quick to take a fly. And if a party of 3 book together we will do it combined with our 3 for the price of 2 deal in June at an incredible $3,330.00 each!!!
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