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The "Moment" - Alaska Trophy Adventures Lodge - a Bristol Bay Fishing Lodge - Where the Best "Moments" of your Life will Remind you of Best of What Alaska Has to Offer!

So, What Do You Look for in an Alaskan Fishing Trip?  
Fish of course!   Well, that's a given at ATA Lodge!  But we think that sometimes, it isn't so much about the fish, as it is about the....."Moment".  
A week spent on the Alagnak Wild River, is filled with thousands of "Moments".  "Moments" that will imprint themselves upon your senses, and store themselves in the recesses of your memory.  "Moments" that you will remember and carry with you for the rest of your for Life!  
There are "Moments" spent standing in the river surrounded by the stunning scenery of this truly remote and pristine wilderness.  Majestic mountains stand sentinel over the horizon.  And then in the "Moment", when you least expect it, you look up and there's a Bull Moose that has just stepped into the river to take a drink and is now looking at you as you stand a silent spectator to the spectacle before you and just drink in the...."Moment!"
That "Moment", when you actually forget about the fishing, because the wonder of being where you are and the sense of what a privilege it is to be there, is so palpable that you have to just "Be" and "Soak it All In" as you enjoy the....."Moment"!  
I mean where else can you be doing battle with a 40 lb King Salmon one "Moment" and then watch an Alaska Brown Bear catch a fish of his own the next!  You have no choice but to stop and relish the...."Moment" 
Then there are "Moments" that erupt with laughter.  Erupt just like the fish of a lifetime that has just catapulted out of the water after feeling the sting of being hooked; sending your buddy off in hot pursuit, whooping and hollering as he chases after it as it careens down stream.  Line stripped from his reel, already deep into the backing...and then a stumble and a splash as he falls head long into the water face first....coming up dripping and cursing, and drenched from head to foot, but with a huge smile on his face for the sheer joy of the...."Moment!"
Yes these are the "Moments" we live for.  This is why we come back to the Alagnak Wild River....we come back to discover and to share in these very special "Moments".
And even after you go back to wherever it is you came from in the first matter how many miles away that might be... or how many years may intervene between the going and the coming back (and you will come back) is in the retelling of those "Moments" that you will stop and remember that it was not so much about that fish that were lost and it was about the "Moments" you had while there.  
And in that "Moment".... as your remember, you will begin to nod and smile as you begin to plan your next "Moment" back on the river at ATA Lodge!
Because of course there is always the Fish....All Those Fish....Yes, there's always that....There's Always All Those Fish!
ATAL...A True Alaska Lodge!
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