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When To Come


When booking a trip to Alaska it is best to start by asking yourself what you or your group would most like to do. Whether you want to target one of our 5 different species of Pacific salmon, or are more interested in resident fish like the wild Alaskan rainbow trout; we guarantee that you will not be disappointed, regardless of when you choose to stay.

Our Resident Species (Trout, Char, Grayling, Lake Trout and Pike) are available all season long. 

Our 5 Species of Salmon run during the following weeks:

 Sockeye Salmon: June 26th thru July 22nd

King Salmon: July 1st thru July 30th

Chum Salmon: July 15th thru August 15th

Pink Salmon: July 25th thru August 25th

Silver Salmon: August 5th thru September 20th


Here’s a list of our prime weeks for each salmon species and resident fish.


2016 Summer Season

WEEKs 1– 3 // June 7th-June 12th / June 12th-June 19th / June 19th-June 26th

Opening week of Rainbow Trout fishing starts June 7th. This is a great time for the trout enthusiast. There is some amazing top water action, and swinging streamers can also be very effective. This is also a great time to catch Arctic Grayling and there are also some Arctic Char around too. This is prime time to see Moose with young calves. However there are no Salmon in the river yet.

WEEK 4 // June 26th - July 3rd

This is a prime week for Sockeye Salmon and King Salmon can be targeted in the lower river. Trout and grayling fishing is still very strong in the upper river and near lake outlets. This is a great time for Mousing and streamer fishing. This is the week when the bears really start to show up so it is one of our Prime Bear viewing weeks.

WEEKs 5 – 6 // July 3rd - July 10th / July 10th - July 17th

Prime Salmon Fishing for Kings in the lower river. Amazing Sockeye Salmon fishing everywhere! Rainbow and Grayling fishing is slowing down due to heavy runs of Salmon displacing the resident fish. Great time to see lots of bears and other wildlife.

WEEKs 7-8 // July 17th - July 24th // July 24th - July 31st

Prime King salmon and Chum salmon on the fly. We still have plenty Sockeye in the river and lake outlets. Rainbow trout and grayling fishing is good and this is a great time for big Northern pike. Still a great time to see bears and other wildlife.

WEEK 9 // July 31st - Aug 7th

Great time of year to fish for Pink Salmon on the fly on even numbered years. Silvers salmon are showing up in large numbers in the lower river. Fresh Chum fishing is coming to an end. Trout and arctic Char fishing is really picking up on egg patterns and Beads as Chum and King salmon are starting to spawn.

WEEK 10 // Aug 7th - Aug 14th

Rainbow trout, Grayling and Arctic Char fishing is amazing as they feed on the eggs of the Chum and King salmon who are now in full spawn. Pinks salmon are everywhere and more Silvers showing up each day.

WEEKs 11-13 // Aug 14th - Aug 21st // Aug 21st - August 28th // Aug 28th - Sept 4th

Prime Rainbow trout, Grayling and Arctic Char fishing using egg patterns and big articulated flies. Great top water and streamer fishing for Silver Salmon in hot along with lots of Pink Salmon still in the river on even numbered years.



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