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Alaska Fly Patterns

In Alaska, as the seasons change so do the fish we are targeting and the techniques/ patterns we use catch them. We ensure that our guide staff have the patterns you need to catch whatever species you are targeting. Just in case you want to tie up or buy some flies before coming here is an idea for some of the patterns we use for specific species. We do have fly tying tools / materials and a fly shop at the lodge if you want to get some from us or tie your own when you get here.

King Salmon

Fat Freddy King Salmon Fly Crusher King Salmon Fly Guide Intruder King Salmon Fly Squidro Purple King Salmon Fly Starlite Leech King Salmon Fly Dirk Wiggler King Salmon Fly

Silver / Chum / Pink Salmon

Pink Purple Clouser Silver Salmon Fly Alaskabou Popsicle Silver Salmon Fly Party Girl Silver Salmon Fly Pink Polywog Silver Salmon FlyDolly Llama Fuschia Silver Salmon Fly Pink Popperwog Silver Salmon Fly Deep Six Cerise Pink Silver Salmon Fly

Sockeye Salmon

Sockeye Fly Orange Mercers Sockeye Fly Green Sockeye Lightning Pink Fly Mini Crystal Shrimp Sockeye Fly Sockeye John #4 Salmon Fly Sockeye Green Lantern Salmon Fly

Rainbow Trout / Grayling / Arctic Char

Chernobyl Ant Rainbow Fly Black Conehead Zuddler Rainbow Fly Black Olive Dolly Llama Rainbow Fly Brown Elk Hair Caddis Trout Fly Moorish Mouse Rainbow Fly Ginger Flesh Willie Nelson Rainbow Fly
All these pictures were taken by “Alaska fly fishing Goods” and they have all these patterns on their website: www.AlaskaFlyFishingGoods.Com

Obviously, our guides will tie their own flies as well and may have some patterns they prefer over others but for the most part these patterns are a great start!
If you do have any questions about your specific week and the flies you might need please feel free to contact us at any time.
Tight lines and see you soon

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