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Best Alaska Fishing Trip - Fishing Report from ATA Lodge on the Wild Alagnak River - June 18 - July 9, 2017

You are here. so am I.  We are right where we belong... Together we are strong, like the river, moving forward, forever constant for so long.... (lyrics by Sue McGee) We are here, and we have been joined by some great clients these first couple of weeks on the Alagnak Wild River!   Our first few weeks have seen more big trout caught from 28 up to 30 inches than the past 5 seasons combined!  All we can say is, "We are here - and so are the Trout!"   Funny Face, I love you.  Funny Face I need you.  My whole world depends on you! Trout fishing on the Alagnak River has been epic this season and only stands to...

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Drama On the Alagnak Wild River....Trout Opener at ATA Lodge....Best Alaska Fishing in Bristol Bay!

Drama on the Wild Alagnak River…. After a day of wearing ourselves out catching heaps of Big, Beautiful Leopard Rainbow Trout and Grayling, new guy Jon is out fishing at midnight last night….I guess he hadn’t had enough earlier in the day….well he did only just get here and....yesterday it was Opening Day…so who can blame him really if he’s pretty keen to experience the best of what the Alagnak River has to offer….and we are of course in the land of the Midnight Sun…sooooo back to the tale…. New girl Katlyn is standing down on the dock watching Jon fish, when Katie yells for Jon to look behind him as there is a Mother Moose and her Calf hoofing it...

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Trout on Mice is Mighty Nice - 2017 Alagnak River Trout Opener Special Deal at ATA Lodge - Bristol Bay, Alaska

Rainbows on Mice is Mighty Nice!  We have an amazing Trout Fishing Deal This Season for You! This is our Best Top Water Fishing for Trout and Grayling in the Fabled Braids of the Alagnak River before the Salmon Arrive!  The Offer is available anytime from June 8th (opening day) to June 25.  7 days ALL IN for only $3750 (including charter flight round trip to the lodge from King Salmon and Bed Tax Included) for a Deluxe Cabin Package!! This is $2000 off our normal prices!  For groups of 3 or more we will get the price down to $3500 per person.  Watch the video to see what you can expect to experience at this amazing time of our...

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Follow the Adventure This Season at ATA Lodge - The 2017 Alaska Fishing Season Begins with a Road Trip from Seattle to Anchorage

Just a few images of the start up to our 2017 season.  A road trip from Seattle to Anchorage as Jacob, Cameron and Katelyn take our new truck up to Alaska to put on the barge to send to Naknek.  Now comes the buying of supplies and shipping all the our staples and new equipment that will be needed this year.  You can follow our adventures this season, on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google +.  Hope you enjoy the ride!   Here's a few pictures to get you dreaming of the Great Land and all it has to offer.  If you'd like to find out more about ATA Lodge, check out our website at

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