Salmon Proccessing

Taking Your Salmon Home

Taking you salmon home is easy. We have an onsite vacuum packer and freezers. All you need to do is get off the water with your fresh salmon and we will do the rest. We have special boxes that are treated as a piece of luggage that all airlines accept, and can carry up to 50lbs of fish. On your day of departure, we will send you home with your fish… See I told you it was easy.

 Alaska Sausage & Seafood Smoke House & Processing

Shipping Salmon from the Lodge 
Alaska Sausage & Seafood Smoke House & Processing We are proud to be affiliated with Alaska’s premier smokehouse and wild game processing company Alaska Sausage & Seafood located in Anchorage Alaska. 2015 marked their 52st year operating full time as Anchorages' premier custom smokehouse. If you or any of your friends have any fish smoking or custom game processing needs, there is no one else we can recommend to you, as the quality of their products and services and their attention to detail is far better than any others we have found.

We have everything in place to directly ship your fresh caught salmon to King Salmon and get it out on the next cargo flight directly to Anchorage. Once it arrives in Anchorage, a representative of Alaska Sausage & Seafood will meet the flight and bring it over to the processing plant and start the smoking process. It normally takes 3 days from start to finish to be ready and then shipped directly to your home. If you are interested in having Alaska Sausage & Seafood custom-smoke or process your fresh caught Sockeye Salmon during your stay with us at the ATA Lodge, just let us know and we can take care of everything! Simply fill out an order sheet at the lodge and let us handle the rest. Your delicacies will show up via Fed Ex at your home within a few days of you arriving back from your trip. If you have any further questions, contact the owner Wayne at the ATA Lodge or contact Alaska Sausage & Seafood directly and tell them that Alaska Trophy Adventures sent you. Alaska Salmon and Reindeer Sausage Alaska Sausage and Seafood has great holiday gift packages put together for you and your friends. The perfect gift – a very special piece of Alaska!


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