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Warning: This Article Can Cause Addiction! Alaskan Rainbow Trout Fishing with ATA Lodge!

Rainbow Trout Fishing on the Alagnak Wild River at Alaska Trophy Adventures Lodge Rainbow Trout fishing in Alaska enjoys an almost celebrity status.  Those that seek them are passionate about catching them!  For those “in the know” about what Alaska’s Bristol Bay Region has to offer, you could say that trout fishing is more like an obsession than a mere passion for these aficionados (or should I say aFISHionados)!  They have discovered that there is no better place on Earth to pursue their quarry than the crystal-clear rivers that flow out of the Katmai National Park, in Southwest Alaska where ATA Lodge is located. And why do these fly fishing enthusiasts get so fanatical about catching the trout of the Katmai? ...

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As the Sun Sets on the 2017 Season, Here's our Alaska Bristol Bay Fishing Report for Alaska Trophy Adventures Lodge on the Alagnak Wild River. Best Fishing in Bristol Bay for Trout and Salmon!

It Was A Great Year to be at ATA Lodge in 2017!  We Had a Blast! From one extreme to another!  After an exceptionally high water year in 2016, some saying the highest water levels in 40 years; 2017 saw some of the lowest water levels in perhaps the past 10 years for most of the season.  The great thing about seeing such extreme conditions in back to back years, is the sense of being convinced of what an amazing location the Alagnak Wild River really is!  Regardless of water levels the river delivers and the fishing has been fantastic!   June 8th saw opening day start off our season with water conditions perfect for dry fly fishing and for...

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Best Alaska Fishing Trip - Fishing Report from ATA Lodge on the Wild Alagnak River - June 18 - July 9, 2017

You are here. so am I.  We are right where we belong... Together we are strong, like the river, moving forward, forever constant for so long.... (lyrics by Sue McGee) We are here, and we have been joined by some great clients these first couple of weeks on the Alagnak Wild River!   Our first few weeks have seen more big trout caught from 28 up to 30 inches than the past 5 seasons combined!  All we can say is, "We are here - and so are the Trout!"   Funny Face, I love you.  Funny Face I need you.  My whole world depends on you! Trout fishing on the Alagnak River has been epic this season and only stands to...

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