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Father's Day - Alaska Fishing Trip of a Lifetime at ATA Lodge on the Alagnak River of Bristol Bay!

Happy Father's Day!

Looking for something for Father's Day for that special Dad in your life?  Why not consider a Fishing Trip to Alaska!

Father and Son Fly-In Fishing Trip
  For many years I wanted to go to Alaska with my Father.  As the years rolled by, I realised that if I waited till “I could afford it” I may never be able to do it with my dad; so we “took the plunge” and it was the best decision I ever made.  Let me explain:
I first came up to Alaska on a “once in a lifetime trip” with my dad many years ago.  We both loved it so much, that we decided that once would never be enough!  We have since been fishing in Alaska 4 times together.  These are some of the best memories I have ever created with my Dad and I will cherish them the rest of my life.
Wayne and Dad Alaskan Salmon on Flys
My Dad and I
I eventually brought my son back with me on a Father and Son trip.  We enjoyed that experience so much that my son started guiding in Alaska.  Of course I had to come and see him and began to come up every year!  Now 10 years later, my son and I own an Alaskan Fishing Lodge of our own providing similar experiences for many other fathers and sons (or daughters) to create memories or their own!
Jacob and Wayne Fly Fishing Together
My Son and I

In honour of Fathers everywhere, we at ATA Lodge on the Wild and Scenic Alagnak River of Bristol Bay, Alaska, are offering a Father’s Day special price for any week where we still have a few beds available this season.  So, if you think this is something that you might like to do for or with your father, get in touch to find out what weeks still have space this June, August or September and we will give you $1,500 per person off our package price! 

Father and Son Display a Great Catch
Alaska Trophy Adventures Lodge is situated on the remote banks of the wild and scenic Alagnak River and is the perfect wilderness fishing retreat. Boasting a world-famous run of all five species of pacific salmon, the Alagnak is also home to a host of resident fish, such as leopard rainbow trout, arctic char and grayling. This prestigious river is located within the Katmai National Park, with its headwaters in the surrounding mountains and drains into Bristol Bay. It is also famously known as “The Branch River” for its seemingly endless braids, where 10 miles of river can easily contain 30 miles of fishable waters. With such exclusive river access, you are sure not to be bothered by any crowds.
Father and Son Fly Fishing ATA Lodge
The only access to the Lodge is via bush plane, landing on a private airstrip located on the property. Welcoming wooden cabins are equipped with running water, heating and power, that will guarantee you a comfortable stay. All of our guest cabins, including the main lodge have spectacular views of the Alagnak River and our fleet of jet boats are ready to access all the best fishing spots within minutes of the Lodge.

With an abundance of wildlife and stunning scenery, this trip is sure to live up to the image of Alaska that you have always dreamed of.

Giant Rainbow Trout Caught on Fly with a Dad Smiling Big

Find out more about ATA Lodge on our website: or send me an email at  As the season is about to start and we are at the lodge already, phone service it not available on site, but you can leave a message on my voice mail by calling 877 801 2289 and I can give you a call back to discuss your “Trip of a Lifetime!”
Happy Father's Day!
Wayne and Jacob McGee
ATA Lodge

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