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More Highlights from Alaska Trophy Adventures Lodge 2016 Season on the Wild Alagnak River! - Helicopters, Kayaking, Flight Seeing, Bears, Moose and More Fish on the Alagnak River!

We've Been Slamm'n Salmon for the past week on the Wild Alagnak River.  The Sockeye have been streaming past in their 10's of THOUSANDS!  One day they estimated 300,000 entered the river!  We expect them to keep running strong for the next 2 1/2 weeks!  
We've had some great clients coming through our doors and have enjoyed introducing them to this amazing river!

It's fun sharing the river with our neighbors, like this beautiful Moose!
But with the arrival of the first waves of Sockeye Salmon, the Bears have started to show up and we are seeing Bears every day now chasing after the fresh fish.  But that means that Moose sighting are becoming increasingly rare as they fear the Bears eating their calves.
This past week we've had whole families including 3 generations!  What a privilege to share this amazing place with Grandfathers that bring their sons and daughters, who in turn bring their own children - thus passing along their passion for the Great Outdoors with their descendants! 
The Happy Faces Tell the Story of what it means to come and stay at ATA Lodge!
And they are HAPPY because a part from the great fishing there are things to amaze and cause a sense of wonder around every bend in the river!
Days are spent not just fishing, but being inspired by the natural beauty of the area and majesty of its surroundings! 
We have been able to do some Helicopter Flight Seeing too!  And what amazing sights to see!
There's never a dull moment with so much to see and do!
It was fun following the rivers through narrow gorges and through snow clad mountains!
But it's always fun to come back to the river, pick up a fly rod and have a go for another trophy fish!  
It's not only our salmon that keep people coming back, but our fantastic rainbow trout fishing is world class too!

Who can ever tire of views like this, flying over Kulik Lake in the Wild Katmai National Park!
And these Coastal Brown Bears are incredibly impressive to watch and photograph.
Some of our intrepid clients have even taken advantage of seeing the river and its wildlife by Kayaking!
Everybody has been saying what a great time they are having in this pristine environment. 
But without a doubt, its the fishing that has them looking forward to each new day on the river with our experienced and knowledgeable guide staff.
The pictures speak for themselves!  Our guides know how to put you on the fish!
I even got to get in on the action the other day, spending some time on the river with our clients.
Come on admit it, you'd love to be the subject of some of these photographs - testing your skill and strength against rod bending salmon!
And who could blame you.  We just want to let you know what is possible should you decide to give it a try yourself one day soon.
And when you do, we will be waiting to welcome you with some of the very best of what Alaska has to offer!
Don't forget to bring out your children some time so they can grow in their appreciation of what an amazing world we live in when places like this can instill a sense of awe - creating memories that will last a life time!
If you'd like to know more about ATA Lodge, check out our website at or give me a call on 877 801 2289 and we can talk about what you'd like to do when you visit the Wild Alagnak River at ATA!
ATAL.....A True Alaska Lodge!
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