ClickCease Announcing the Premier of Our Planet II narrated by Sir David Attenbor – Alaska Trophy Adventures Lodge

Announcing the Premier of Our Planet II narrated by Sir David Attenborough filmed in part at ATA Lodge on the Wild and Scenic Alagnak River

In July of 2021, ATA Lodge had the distinct honor of hosting the film crew of Our Planet II for two weeks, providing access, lodging, meals and professional services to the film crew.  It was a "hush, hush" project, but the secret is now out....
Our Planet II is a new 4-part Netflix series from Silverback Films (coming 14 June 2023) – narrated by Sir David Attenborough, the series will unravel the mystery of how and why animals migrate.
The episode focusing on the journey of the Sockeye Salmon was filmed in part on the Alagnak Wild River at ATA Lodge!  Although ATA Lodge does not feature in the episode, it is an honor to have been selected by the Our Planet team to be a part of producing the incredible imagery that showcases the spectacle of nature that is the annual Sockeye Salmon annual migration from the sea back to the waters of the Alagnak Wild River to spawn and reproduce.

At any given moment on planet Earth, billions of animals are on the move, through spectacular and innovative cinematography Our Planet II will reveal some of the most dramatic and compelling stories in the natural world.
If fact, in 2021, the watersheds of Bristol Bay, in Southwest Alaska, experienced what was at that time, a record breaking run of Sockeye Salmon, shattering the number of Sockeye returning to spawn since records have been kept!
The 2021numbers are staggering!!!  Bristol Bay's sockeye salmon run that year totaled 66.1 million fish, and at that time, was the largest total run on record and was 60% above the 41.3 million average run for the latest 20-year period (2001– 2020).
Animal migrations are vital survival strategies to feed, reproduce and find shelter, and their ability to do so is integral to the health and posterity of the planet at large.
Unfortunately, with the looming dangers of climate change, their journeys are riskier than ever before. This challenge to the thousands-year-old legacy of transit is explored in Our Planet II.  This stunning new docu-series, captures some of the most dramatic, compelling odysseys in the natural world. 
Created by the Emmy Award–winning team behind Planet Earth and Our Planet and narrated by every nature lover’s No. 1 buttery-voiced Brit, Sir David Attenborough, the announcement of Our Planet II is part of Netflix UK’s week of “Returning Favourites.”
To date Our Planet has more than 570 million hours viewed, and the new iteration of the series showcases the mind-blowing ways animals navigate our planet. The series features footage from migrations taking place all over the planet, spanning from Africa, India, China, the Arctic and more. 
Our Planet II premieres on June 14 on Netflix. 
The new Netflix series follows the phenomenal success of Our Planet which has seen more than 100 million households tune in since its release in April 2019.

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