Alaska Trophy Adventures Lodge Update for Weeks 2nd and 3rd Weeks of July on the Wild Alagnak River

We are having a great season on the Wild Alagnak River at Alaska Trophy Adventures Lodge!  The fishing has been HOT!  The wildlife viewing and photography has been fantastic!
We have had an outstanding run of Sockeye Salmon and our clients have been limiting out in a few hours everyday!
And despite the big numbers of salmon in the river we are still catching some great rainbows too!
It's hard not to just stop and marvel at the beauty of the location.
And it's not just the guys that are getting in to the action.  Our women clients are showing everybody how to get the job done too!
Meal times are a great time to make new friends and as well as tell "Fish Stories" of what the action has been like on the river during the day!
We have had some amazing photographic opportunities and even had a number of clients who are professional photographers coming up to take advantage of the "Bear Show" that goes on every year here!  We have been privileged to Charles Glatzer of Shoot the Light (an award winning Canon Camera sponsored "Explorer of Light" photographer) and Pat Clayton of Fish Eye Guy Photography (who specializes in underwater photography) here with us hosting photo workshops and producing some fantastic images which we will be sharing with you throughout the season!
The Bears are everywhere on the river, up the gorge and even making appearance right in front of the lodge where they can often be seen while eating meals in the dining room!
I've always wanted to get a picture of a big brown bear shaking the water off his head after "snorkeling" for salmon - and this year I have already gotten some great shots!
It has been so fun getting to personally meet all our clients and host them during their stay at ATAL.  We are making many new friend this season!
We've seen not only Sows with their spring cubs, but Cow moose with their spring calves as well.  It always is a "magic moment" when they appear and even better when we can get some great photos of them as well!
This mother Eagle and her Eaglet are nested just a mile downstream from the lodge and we are getting to see her babies grow up so fast.  So they will be "flying the coop"!
This week the King Salmon have made their way up to our part of the river and we are catching some everyday - many have been hooked, caught and some lost up to and over 40 lbs.
We are not the only ones catching salmon!  What a great experience to see the bears catching fish!  Each bear has its own technique and its so fun to watch!
This is James (one of our fishing guides) with Chaz of Shoot the Light who is showing that he can do other things well than just taking pictures!  :)
It's great to see Mothers and Sons, Fathers with Sons and/or Daughters, even whole families creating memories together that they will cherish for a lifetime.  What a blessing for us to be able to provide the opportunity and location for that type of thing to happen!  
Well done Mark and Linda!
Mike and his son Michael are doing a great job!
This week, we have started to see Chum Salmon showing up in big numbers too!
Another great fish for Flemming of XXL Norway!  We are looking foward to having him and his clients fishing with us for many years to come!
A Fly Out from ATA can take you to many special places like Brooks Falls to see the fishing brown bears of the Wild Katmai!
It is amazing to watch this majestic creatures as they catch fish at the World Famous Brooks Falls!
So as you can see, we are having a great season here at ATAL!  Keep your eyes peeled for more great photographs as Pat Clayton of Fish Eye Guy Photography is here for the next 2 Watch This Space!
ATAL....A True Alaska Lodge!
Book your spot for next year as spaces are filling up fast.  Call us toll free on 877 801 2289 and book your place for next season!

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