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Special Opportunity and "Risk Free" Booking Terms for the 2020 Season at ATA Lodge Because of COVID19

As of June 5th, 2020, ATA Lodge has been given a green light to open this season by the State of Alaska - albeit with all associated risks and challenges.
We have offered our guests the option to come as planned or reschedule given the potential threat of COVID19. Most have chosen to reschedule leaving weeks that were full two years in advance almost empty this season.  This offers an unprecedented opportunity to come up this year for the intrepid angler who has assessed the risks and would still like to come.  
We have:
Great Sockeye Salmon weeks open,  Great Bear Viewing weeks open, Great King Salmon weeks open, Great Chum and Pink Salmon weeks open, Great Multi-Species weeks open, Great Silver Salmon weeks open, Great late season Trout weeks open.  
We are only offering a maximum of 8 spots a week to allow for social distancing at the lodge and cut down on staff and expenses given all the rescheduled bookings. The season will have a delayed starting date for us of July 5th and go through September 13th.
Since we have seen the vast majority of existing bookings cancel and reschedule for 2021 or 2022, this has obviously hurt our revenues and eliminates profits not only this year but also next year as well.  Therefore we would appreciate your help in pushing this COVID19 special "no risk" deal to try and fill all available empty spaces last minute. 
As I have said, we are only offering a maximum of 8 spots a week, each week of the season starting July 5th through September 13. 
I will say that whoever chooses to come this year, that they will have the run of the place as most people have canceled and rescheduled.   I love the smaller more intimate weeks we rarely ever have during a normal season.  The quality of fishing experience and overall Alaska experience will be unparalleled this year - but obviously there are some risks and challenges.  
So what do we mean by "No Risk" special booking terms?  Well, for THIS season only, on all NEW bookings ONLY after June 6, 2020 we are changing our booking policy as follows:
1)  Any new booking will have a 100% return policy on deposits paid after June 6
2)  The deposit required will be dropped to 25% (normally 50%). 
3)  Full payment of the balance will be due 2 weeks before travel (normally 60 days before travel). This balance payment will also be 100% refundable.
4)  Or clients will have the option if they can’t come this season due to COVID19, to roll their booking over to any available week 2021 (although we can not guarantee that the same week will be available) at no extra cost of a penalty to them.
This special offer can NOT be applied to any existing booking or booking beyond the 2020 season.
Everyone will be required to acknowledge the special risks associated with travel this year and sign a special COVID19 waiver assuming responsibility for their decision to come to ATA Lodge.
We are prepared to offer discounts in some cases for some weeks depending upon availability or the size of the group wishing to come. Please email us at to discuss what week you may be interested in and details related to your specific inquiry.  
Please feel free to forward this special opportunity along to anyone you know who may be interested in this offer.  We hope to see you up at ATA Lodge this season!

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