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Hooked For Life - Take Your Kids Fishing at ATA Lodge for the Time of Their Lives - Best Fishing Trip for Kids in Bristol Bay, Alaska!

Taking Your Child Fishing at ATA Lodge 

You’ll certainly have plenty to do during your visit to ATA Lodge, and you’ll want to plan carefully to be sure that you have a chance to enjoy everything the lodge has to offer. But its probably the fishing that has caused you to want to come, so lets take a look at what will make their experience one that they will remember with fond memories for the rest of their lives!
Fishing is a fantastic hobby for youngsters, that teaches them about the natural world and gets them away from digital screens and out in the sunshine. But if you want to ensure that your child enjoys the experience, you’ll want to make sure you embrace a few important tips. This way, you’ll set your child up for success and have the best chance at catching plenty of fish.

1. Set your child up with an age-, size- and experience-appropriate fly rod.

There may not be a better way of frustrating your child than handing him or her a rod that is too large for them to control. Instead of making accurate casts and catching fish, they’ll spend their time snagging overhanging trees and losing interest. Typically, most children can handle a 7- to 8-foot-long, 4- to 6-weight fly rod, and this will be perfectly suited for the fish you’ll likely catch on your vacation.

2. Practice the basics before your trip.

Fly fishing requires some skill, so you’ll want to teach your child the basics before going on your ATA Lodge vacation. You don’t even need to go to a stream or pond to do so – most of the important casting techniques and principles of fly fishing can be taught in an open space on your lawn. As a bonus, practicing in this manner a few times before your trip will help get your child excited about the upcoming trip.

3. Target kid-friendly species.

There are a number of wonderful gamefish in Alaska’s waters, but some are easier for kids to catch than others. Rainbow trout and arctic graylings are usually two of the best species for young anglers to target. They may not be as big as northern pike or giant salmon, but they’ll be more likely to hit the fly and they don’t require any unusual tackle (such as wire leaders, which are necessary for pike). 
Also even numbered years (ie: 2018, 2020, 2022, etc) find the Alagnak River filled with Pink Salmon.  Pinks average only 3 to 5 lbs. (with some getting up to 8 lbs).  Because they are so numerous and smaller in size, they make for a perfect fish for beginners and younger fisherman to learn how to hook, fight and land fish (this is a great time for families to come). Pink salmon enter the Alagnak River late in July and continue into mid-August.  Pink Salmon (also know as Humpies because of how their back transforms into a pronounced "hump" once they enter fresh water), are the smallest of the Pacific Salmon, are aggressive "chasers" of a fly, and our 2nd most numerous variety of salmon on even numbered years.  Very kid friendly!

4. Dress your child for the weather.

Alaskan mornings and evenings can be fairly chilly, even in the middle of the summer. Therefore, you’ll want to dress your child in layers, so that he or she can adjust their wardrobe to suit the current temperatures. Put them in a lightweight windbreaker, lightweight t-shirt and bring along a wool sweater, just in case the mercury drops too low.

5. Keep things positive and fun.

No matter what type of fishing you prefer, they all require patience, and fly fishing is certainly no exception. Accordingly, you’ll need to provide plenty of moral support while your child patiently waits for a nibble. Celebrate small victories, such as well-placed casts, and be ready to pass your rod to your child if you get a bite. Letting them battle the fish and reel in the reward will put a smile on their face and give them a memory that’ll last a lifetime.
Don’t forget to familiarize yourself with the state of Alaska’s fishing regulations before making your trip. Alaska’s law enforcement officers take the state’s fish and wildlife laws seriously, and the penalties for running afoul of the rules are often quite expensive. You’ll need to obtain a fishing license (and a king salmon stamp if you intend to fish for them), as will any children who are at least 16 years of age.
If you’d like to learn a few more ways to ensure your child enjoys the best fishing experience possible, check out Outdoor Empire’s comprehensive guide to introducing your children to fishing. There, you’ll learn many more tips and tricks for ensuring a great experience, no matter where your travels take you.
Article by Jon Sutton
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