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Drama On the Alagnak Wild River....Trout Opener at ATA Lodge....Best Alaska Fishing!

Drama on the Wild Alagnak River….
After a day of wearing ourselves out catching heaps of Big, Beautiful Leopard Rainbow Trout and Grayling, new guy Jon is out fishing at midnight last night….I guess he hadn’t had enough earlier in the day….well he did only just get here and....yesterday it was Opening Day…so who can blame him really if he’s pretty keen to experience the best of what the Alagnak River has to offer….and we are of course in the land of the Midnight Sun…sooooo back to the tale….
New girl Katlyn is standing down on the dock watching Jon fish, when Katie yells for Jon to look behind him as there is a Mother Moose and her Calf hoofing it across the river. They looked to be in quite a hurry!
After standing there and appreciating this spectacle of Mother Nature, thinking to themselves, “Wow, wasn’t that pretty cool!”… if that weren’t enough, along comes this big ole Alaska Brown Bear, barreling over the meadow in hot pursuit, crashing in to the river at pace, with water splashing in every direction as he tries to catch up with Mother Moose and her calf….and who can blame him, he’s pretty darn hungry after 6 months of hibernation and no salmon in the river yet!
About halfway across the river, the Grizzly catches wind of Jon standing in the middle of the river wading….I’m not entirely sure if Jon’s had a bath since he’s been here yet and those Bruins do have exceptionally keen noses! The Bear stops in his tracks, stands up and starts sniffing the air, but after determining that Jon was far too scrawny to replace what was already on offer on the menu for that night, he determines that those Moose might better satisfy his raging hunger and off he goes in pursuit of his prey!
Just another day on the Wild Alagnak River!
By the way, here's a just a few photos of the Trout we got opening day on the Alagnak Wild River in the first couple hours of fishing!
Water levels were perfect for wading and skating a mouse pattern on the surface. Swung black leeches were a big producer. And the dry fly fishing with Elk Hair Caddis, Parachute Adams and Chernobyl Ant patterns worked a treat!
You ought to think now about booking our early season trout action and take advantage of our 3 for the price of 2 deals in June for 2018!
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All fish pictures from June 8, 2017, Wildlife photos from last season and story from Jon and Katelyn (embellished only slightly by storyteller Wayne McGee)
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