Best Alaska Fishing Trip - Fishing Report from ATA Lodge on the Wild Alagnak River - June 18 - July 9, 2017

You are here. so am I.  We are right where we belong...
Together we are strong, like the river, moving forward, forever constant for so long....
(lyrics by Sue McGee)
We are here, and we have been joined by some great clients these first couple of weeks on the Alagnak Wild River!  
Our first few weeks have seen more big trout caught from 28 up to 30 inches than the past 5 seasons combined!  All we can say is, "We are here - and so are the Trout!"  
Funny Face, I love you.  Funny Face I need you.  My whole world depends on you!
Trout fishing on the Alagnak River has been epic this season and only stands to improve over the next few years!  
Beautiful Day and even more Beautiful Trout!
Here's a couple pictures of just a few of our beautiful big "bows"!  
We Like Big Bows and We Can Not Lie!
The Smile Says it All!
Leopard Rainbow Trout of the Alagnak Wild River!
Apart from enjoying the Fantastic Fishing there has been some Stunning Scenery to enjoy as a back drop to seeing abundant wildlife on the banks of this truly Wild and Scenic River!
We have seen a lot of moose up and down the river, and on 2 separate occasions we have even seen Bears chasing mother moose and their calves across the river right in sight of the lodge!  Just like stepping in to a National Geographic Documentary - only better because we are right there as it happens!
We are regularly seeing Bears right in front of the Lodge on the river like this one today!  This picture was taken right from the balcony of our dining room!!!
On the river we are seeing between 15 to 20 bears a day per client!  What great opportunities for great wildlife photography!  And the reason all the bears are here, is because by the end of last month the annual migration of Sockeye Salmon has arrived and by arrive I mean, they are coming up in their tens of thousands everyday.  
This is what brings the bears back every year, not to mention our clients! Seems like everyone here on the river has one thing on their mind.....the fishing!!!
So the Sockeye showed up as they always do and we have been catching more fish in one day than many people have caught in an entire lifetime!
And it's not just the guys that are landing these hard fighting brutes, but we have some lovely ladies that have been catching their fair share of salmon too and looking much prettier as well!
These are the best eating Salmon on the planet and the bounty of this migration sustains the whole ecosystem.   These salmon will not only feed our clients and their friends when they take a box of wild salmon home after their time here with us, but the eggs, fry and smolt that result from the spawning activities of the salmon will nourish the resident species in our river that we have been catching as well, like the trout you've seen plus arctic grayling, lake trout, dolly varden, arctic char and northern pike!
We anticipate this run to continue for a couple more weeks yet while the Chinook and Chum Salmon begin to join the Sockeye in the river more and more each day, with Sockeye, Chum and Kings are already just starting to be caught in front of the lodge!  So keep your eyes on this space as the season develops to see how the river and fishing changes week to week.  You can literally come at 3 or 4 different times of the season and feel like you are on a different river because it changes so much.
Here's another photo taken right from the balcony of the lodge of a Mama bear and here three cubs!  There's always something happening at ATA Lodge on the banks of the Alagnak Wild River!
We hope to see you soon to experience the magic of the Wild Katmai of Bristol Bay, Southwest Alaska!  
Visit our website at or call us sometime to find out more about what ATA Lodge has to offer on +1 877 801 2289!
ATAL.....A True Alaska Lodge!


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