The Alagnak River and Alaska Trophy Adventures Lodge - The Fish - Part 8 (Arctic Grayling)

Arctic Grayling are generally dark across the back and have iridescent grey sides. With its sail-like dorsal fin and dotted with spectacular patterns, the Grayling is one of the most unusual and beautiful fish of Alaska.
The Alagnak River offers our angler unlimited access to trophy Grayling fishing all season long.
One of the great things about Grayling is the fact that they always seem to be looking up which makes them prone to taking dry fly patterns even after the salmon start spawning.
They will often come clear out of the water on their aggressive takes.
It is hard to say when the prime season for this beautiful fish is, as we seem to do well for them regardless of the time of year.
A 5/6 wt rod is best for Grayling fishing but you may want to use a 7 wt. in case a big trout comes along.
MAIN FISHING PERIOD: All Season Long! If our doors are open the Grayling action is excellent!

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