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The Alagnak River and Alaska Trophy Adventures Lodge - The Fish - Part 5 (Pink Salmon)

Pink Salmon run only in even years, but when they run, they run strong. Although the Pinks average only 3 to 5 lbs., they more than make up for it with sheer numbers. Being that they are so numerous and smaller in size, they make for a perfect fish for beginners and younger fisherman to learn how to hook, fight and land fish (this is a great time for families to come). Pink salmon enter the Alagnak late in July and continue into mid-August. During August our anglers will often average 20-40 Pinks landed a day as they are very aggressive to anything thrown at them. A 7 wt. rods and weight forward floating line is what we recommend for these small but feisty Salmon.
Pinks salmon are also known by their nickname "Humpies", because of the prominent "hump" that the males develop once they've entered fresh water.  
MAIN FISHING PERIOD: Mid July through August
Being an even numbered year, Humpies arrive in huge numbers this year and the peak fishing time for them falls during our 3 for the price of 2 promotion this season. So book your place now for some incredible action this year at......
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