The Alagnak River and Alaska Trophy Adventures Lodge - The Fish - Part 4 (Chum Salmon)

Chum Salmon are one of the most underrated fish in Alaska. Probably because their meat is more suitable for dogs than humans. But being an angler, this doesn’t bother me as they are pound for pound the hardest fighting salmon in the pacific. Chums start entering the river mid-July and continue in big numbers to mid-August. Chums average 9 to 12lbs., but can get over 16 lbs in weight. They are great fun to target on the fly due to their ferocious strikes and aggressive nature. They are quick to take a swung or striped fly and will sometimes even take flies off the surface as well! We use 8/9 wt. rods for these bruisers’ and are in no way over gunned!

Great Fishing for these rod bending brutes during our promotional 3 for the price of 2 deal throughout August.  To take advantage of this deal you can book at or call us toll free on 877 801 2289.

MAIN FISHING PERIOD: July 1 - Septembe r 1;  Peak Period:  July 10 - August 7

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