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The Alagnak River and Alaska Trophy Adventures Lodge - The Fish - Part 2 (Silver Salmon)


With between 120,000 - 150,000 Silver Salmon (Coho) migrating up the Alagnak River, we think that we have one of the most exciting late season fisheries in Bristol Bay!

Silver Salmon average around 8 to 10lbs. and are by far the most acrobatic of the salmon species. These spectacular game fish are well known for taking top water flies and leaping clear out of the water after being hooked. For these reasons they are personally my favourite salmon species to target on the fly.

Silvers will start to show up in the last few days of July and gradually build in numbers through September. The best time to target the Silvers on our river is from the second week of August into the first few weeks of September. The Alagnak boasts a huge run of Silvers and is one of the top rivers to target them in Alaska. A 7-9 wt. rod with weight forward floating line is recommended for targeting the Silvers.  

The Alagnak River provides exciting conditions to fish for Sliver Salmon on the surface, skating a "Poly-wog" in top of the water.  This will inevitably provoke an top water attack that will make a your heart skip a beat!  

This year we are offering a 3 for the price of 2 deal when three fishermen book togehter, sharing a cabin and a boat!  Give us a call on 877 801 2289 or go to "Specials" on our website at!

Main Fishing Period: July 20th - Sept 20th

Prime Time:  August 7th - Sept 4th

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