ClickCease The Alagnak River and Alaska Trophy Adventures Lodge - The Fish - Part

The Alagnak River and Alaska Trophy Adventures Lodge - The Fish - Part 1 (King Salmon)

Over the next few days we'd like to introduce you the the different species of fish you can expect to catch on the Alagnak River while at Alaska Trophy Adventures Lodge and when the best time to fish for each species is.

King Salmon (Chinook)

King Salmon are the largest of the Pacific salmon and it is not rare to catch them in excess of the 35+ lbs range on the fly on the Alagnak River.  We get runs of between 25,000 - 40,000 and their main spawning grounds are from about 6 miles above our lodge to 10 miles below us!

Alaskan King Salmon start to enter the Alagnak River near the end of June and run through July 31st. Our prime slots for these monsters are the last two weeks in July but we can still target them earlier in the season.

We love using double handed rods for these giants and will sight fish for them from the bank although because of their strength, we often need to get in the boat to chase them down river. We recommend at least a 9/10 wt. rod when targeting the Kings as the hook up to landing ratio, is low when the angler as under prepared for the inevitable battle which ensues when hooking into one these bad boys.

 Main Fishing Period: Mid June-July 

Peak Weeks: 3rd and 4th Weeks of July

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