The Alagnak River and Alaska Trophy Adventures Lodge - Part 4

As mentioned the other day, the Alagnak River is formed by two tributaries that each flow our of twin lakes.  The most northerly tributary is known as the Kukaklek River.

Kukaklek River (Ku-ka-click)

Flowing out of Kukaklek Lake the river runs 19-miles through mostly fast flowing technical water until it reaches the confluence and joins with the Nonvianuk river to form the Alagnak. The Kukaklek is well known for its short section of narrow, class 3 rapids contained by steep canyon walls. What is less known is that a section of this rapids creates a small waterfall with an easily accessible, natural overlook which is perfect for viewing feeding bears in the height of the salmon run. When fishing this unique river, we spend most our time either in the lower 5 miles or the upper 6 miles which are ideal for targeting Rainbow Trout. The upper section near the mouth of the lake is particularly good trout fishing, in particular as the salmon start to spawn.

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