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Alaska Trophy Adventures Lodge Swiss Chalet Package

$ 17,225.00

Swiss Chalet Package - 6 Days /7 – Night - $34,450 for chalet (up to 8 people)

Suited for large groups or families our beautiful Swiss Chalet is a 2,200sq ft. cedar building which overlooks the rest of the lodge and the surrounding scenic area. The Chalet is fully equipped with kitchen, living space, dining table, log burning fireplace, toilet and hot shower. Your group will enjoy six days of guided river experience, whether it be fishing, wildlife- viewing or adventure activities. This package also includes all meals during your stay. The price is the same no matter the size of your group (maximum 8), but when 8 are sharing, the price per person is the lowest cost package per person we offer at the Lodge.

Contact Info

Box 31,
King Salmon,
Alaska, 99613
Phone: +(1) 877 801 2289
Phone: +(1) 907 519 6820
Phone: +(44) 7775 602 424