ClickCease Untamed Anglers' premiers short film at the London Fly Fishing Fair - – Alaska Trophy Adventures Lodge

Untamed Anglers' premiers short film at the London Fly Fishing Fair - Featuring Salmon Fishing at ATA Lodge

Peak Silver Salmon and Trophy Trout and Char Fishing on one of Bristol Bay's most Renowned Rivers!

ATA Lodge announces the premiere showing of the Untamed Anglers' short film - Alaskan Adventure at ATA Lodge.  This was filmed over only 2 days during their week in early September last year on the Alagnak Wild River while at Alaska Trophy Adventures Lodge!   The first week of September is a peak week for Silver (Coho) Salmon as well as for trophy Leopard Rainbow Trout and Arctic Char Fishing on one of Bristol Bay's most fabled rivers!  James Stokoe, winner of the BBC's The Big Fish / Big Catch, together with his angling partner Ripon Khalique who also starred on The Big Fish / Big Catch, team up with accomplished fisher-woman Marina Gibson on their dream destination trip to Alaska's Bristol Bay!

Join Untamed Anglers in their next adventure at ATA Lodge
July 19-26, 2020 - Call for information and updates.

Alaska Trophy Adventures Lodge is situated on the remote banks of the wild and scenic Alagnak River, a perfect wilderness fishing retreat. A true Alaskan lodge.

Boasting a world-famous run of all five species of pacific salmon, the Alagnak is also home to a host of resident fish, such as leopard rainbow trout, arctic char, and grayling. This exclusive and prestigious section of the river is located within the Katmai National Park and Preserve, with its headwaters in the surrounding mountains and drains into Bristol Bay Alaska. It is also famously known as “The Branch River” for its seemingly endless braids, where 10 miles of river can easily contain 30 miles of fishable waters. With such exclusive river access, you are sure not to be bothered by any crowds.

The Lodge itself is on 160 acres of prime river frontage in an iconic section of the Alagnak River known as the upper braids. The only access to the Lodge is via bush plane, landing on a private airstrip located on the property. Welcoming wooden cabins are equipped with running water, heating, and power, that will guarantee you a comfortable stay. With an abundance of wildlife and stunning scenery, its the image of Alaska that you have imagined.

Untamed Anglers at ATA Lodge

The Untamed Anglers - James Stokoe & Ripon Khalique

Two extraordinary fishermen united by their love of adventure and passion for learning new piscatorial skills. Join James and Ripon on their next TV journey as they explore Britain’s Iconic Fish.
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Untamed Anglers & Marina Gibson

Marina Gibson Fishing

Marina Gibson is a freelance writer for fishing and hunting magazines including Fieldsports and The Field, hosts trips worldwide, guides in the UK, is a social media consultant for the London Fly Fishing Fair and fishes all year round with her sidekick Romanian rescue, Sedge. You could say she's permanently "Gone Fishing"!
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Untamed Anglers & Marina Gibson Fishing

Jonathan M. McGee - Filmmaker/Producer

TV producer and cameraman documenting their incredible adventures.,
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