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NEW VIDEO RELEASE FOR ATA LODGE!! Documentary Filmmaker Shane Anderson visits Alaska Trophy Adventures Lodge

ATA Lodge announces the release of a brand-new video, filmed and produced by wild river documentary filmmaker extraordinaire, Shane Anderson.   Shane came to visit ATA Lodge last summer. He chose to visit ATA Lodge because of its reputation as being situated on one of Alaska’s most fabled and renowned Wild and Scenic River systems.  ATA’s unique location, situated on banks of one of Alaska's most prolific, crystal clear salmon and trout rivers means that each year millions of all 5 species of Pacific Salmon return to the headwaters of the Alagnak River to spawn.  This in turn supports a huge number of Alaskan Coastal Brown Bears that feast on these salmon. 

ATA Lodge wants to share with the world what an amazing location this is as captured in Mr. Anderson’s video.  Guests staying at ATA Lodge experience what has been shown in this amazing video on a daily basis by going out on guided, river-based excursions to access sites where they will have the chance to witness Mother Nature at her finest.   The spectacle of this pristine ecosystem is truly a natural wonder of the world.  Guests will witness an Alaska wilderness that is as it always has been for centuries; untouched by modern civilization.  Where else can you go and experience such abundance and unspoilt beauty?  Viewers will see unbelievable numbers of wild salmon as well as the huge population of brown bears as they fish for these salmon.  All professional services, accommodation and meals are provided by ATA Lodge which is rated the best wilderness lodge in the Katmai region of Bristol Bay, Alaska according to TripAdvisor.

Shane Anderson states; "I’ve spent my film career dedicated to telling stories that advocate for the preservation and recovery of wild spaces, animals and fish. It was an incredible experience to visit the wildest place I’ve ever been yet on earth.  To witness the sheer abundance of wild salmon and brown bears was nothing short of amazing to film.  Our crew had an incredible week at ATA Lodge with world class hospitality and adventure around every corner.  I walked away from the week with a great reverence for the Bristol Bay watershed and the need to permanently protect it as the last wild salmon stronghold on earth."

ATA Lodge Owner Wayne McGee stated, "Shane Anderson’s work as a documentary filmmaker is something that I have always appreciated from previous projects I have seen that he has produced! His passion for nature and reputation as a filmmaker is impeccable.  When the opportunity to collaborate with Shane on a project to show off what a national treasure the region of Bristol Bay really is; I jumped at the chance to work with him.  For well over a decade, many local people and businesses have been banding together and fighting to protect the region from a proposed gold and copper mining operation called Pebble Mine.  Should Pebble Mine be allowed to proceed, the open pit mine’s footprint would stamp out a huge portion of our wild salmon’s spawning habitat.  That, together with the toxic impact of a potential environmental disaster that is just waiting to happen should the mine be allowed to go ahead; meant that we felt it best to show the world why this area is worth protecting for all future generations!  ATA Lodge is a great base for nature lovers, wildlife enthusiasts, anglers and outdoorsmen of all types to come and experience the true vision of wild Alaska they have always dreamed about! This video captures that magic and communicates that message perfectly!  We at ATA Lodge are excited to share Shane’s video with as many like minded people out there as possible, in order to raise awareness and help protect this part of our world of which we are but custodians.”



In this video, you will witness the awe-inspiring, pristine wilderness that is the Alagnak River in all its glory.  A river bursting with life both above and below its crystal-clear waters.  You will witness the varieties of fish, and wildlife that call this region home.  This video features Shane’s week spent at ATA Lodge, one of the finest lodges in Alaska with some of the best fishing and nature opportunities that Alaska has to offer.

Shane Anderson is the founder of Swiftwater films, North Fork Studios and is the Director of Storytelling for Pacific Rivers.  Shane is driven to tell stories rooted in environmental justice that present a positive vision for the future, connecting people with place. He chooses to work with aligned brands, organizations and individuals that share a similar ethos.  Shane has produced 7 award-winning films including Wild Reverence, A Rivers Last Chance and Chehalis: A Watershed Moment that have aired on PBS stations across the country, and have been used in numerous impact campaigns leading to positive conservation outcomes.


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