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Expert Brown Bear Photography Workshops By Renowned Wildlife Photographer Kevin Dooley

ATA Lodge announces Idube Photo Safaris' annual Bear Photography Workshop on the Alagnak Wild River for next season. The dates are July 18-25, 2021.  This wildlife photography workshop is hosted by renowned wildlife photographer Kevin Dooley who has chosen once again, ATA Lodge as the venue because of its unique location, situated on banks of one of Alaska's most scenic and prolific, crystal clear salmon rivers.  Each year in July, millions of Sockeye Salmon return to the headwaters of the Alagnak River to spawn, attracting huge numbers of Alaskan Coastal Brown Bears to feast on these salmon. 
Participants will stay at ATA Lodge and go out daily on guided, river-based excursions to access sites where they will have the chance to photograph these brown bears as they fish for salmon.  Kevin will be onsite to advise and teach participants how to use their camera gear to get the best shots.  He will also accompany participants each day on the river, offering "Tips and Tricks" to help participants get the most out of their camera equipment and maximize their chances of capturing high quality, professional photos of these amazing animals in action.  In the evenings photo editing instruction will also be available as participants will be able to sit down and talk with Kevin about the latest in photo editing techniques and tools.  All professional services, accommodation and meals are provided by ATA Lodge which is rated the best wilderness lodge in the Katmai region of Bristol Bay, Alaska by TripAdvisor.
Host Kevin Dooley stated, "To visit ATA Lodge on the banks of the Alagnak Wild River, with the knowledge that I am only moments away from photographing some of the most incredible animals in their natural environment is what I live for. This unspoiled, pristine river environment remains exactly as it has always been for thousands of years, untouched by the footprint of modern society.  I have been in love with Alaska for years. My journeys into Alaska have fed my soul in more ways than I even have the vocabulary to describe.  Looking upon the wide-open spaces where no man has set foot, where bears and moose and wolves spend their days in some of the most beautiful wild places on earth, is captivating and awe-inspiring. Little did I know as a young boy, how these wild places would inspire, heal and teach my heart, becoming my life passion."
ATA Lodge Owner Wayne McGee stated, "Kevin Dooley's photography workshop week is something we look forward to every year. Each year we learn more about adventure photography and enjoy the images that have been captured. ATA Lodge has by far, become a part of the bear photography community's vocabulary that evokes pure childlike excitement and joy.  Where else can I spend time in one of the world’s most beautiful places, photographing some of the world’s most incredible animals, while eating like a king, sleeping like a baby, and be as happy and fulfilled, as this life allows."
In this video, you will witness awe-inspiring bears Kevin has photographed. You will also enjoy some tips and tricks regarding some of the equipment and techniques Kevin uses to capture images he shares with the world.  Kevin stated, "The video features our time spent at ATA Lodge. One of the finest lodges in Alaska, among some of the best nature opportunities photography has to offer, along with kindest and most incredible people on the planet."
Kevin Dooley has lead photo safaris to Alaska, South Africa, Botswana, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zambia. Specializing in small groups and private photo safaris. Kevin creates a special touch of personal attention for each guest. His love for adventure is ever-present, and his enthusiasm and excitement for the wild places of Alaska are felt and shared with his guests.
Kevin’s photos have been published by National Geographic, The Daily Mail, and Africa Geographic. Kevin has represented the USA multiple time in the nature and reportage categories of the photographic world cup. Kevin has been commissioned into the Professional Photographers of America loan collection. Kevin has taken best-of-show and won the wildlife category of the New Mexico State Fair for five consecutive years.

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