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Alaska Trophy Adventures Lodge on the Wild Alagnak River offers Flight Seeing Trips to the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes

Prepare to be amazed by the spectacle of natural beauty and wonder of The Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes.
ATAL offers flight seeing tours over and down into this amazing natural phenomenon.
On June 6, 1912, a new volcano emerged on the Katmai landscape and forever altered this region. For 60 hours, a volcano later named Novarupta sent ash into the sky as high as 20 miles (30 km). Ash and pumice from the eruption also rushed down the Ukak River valley as pyroclastic flows and surges moving at more than 100 miles per hour (160 kilometers per hour). (source
The Ukak River valley was transformed into 40 square miles (64 square kilometers) of barren ash. Heat trapped in the ash took decades to cool. Any water buried by the ash or that percolated into it flashed into steam. The vents where the superheated steam emerged became the fumaroles that inspired the name Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes. (source


Today the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes (i.e. the Valley) offers a chance to explore a landscape created by the largest volcanic eruption of the 20th century. The beauty, scale, wildness, and mystery of the Valley make it one of the best places in the world to study the violence of volcanic eruptions and experience the raw power of nature. (source

In 1912, the largest volcanic eruption of the century blasted away for three days in a remote patch of southwest Alaska. The eruption blackened the skies over Kodiak, nearly 100 miles away, and covered the village in a quilt of ash two feet deep. Residents in Juneau, 750 miles away, heard the explosion an hour after it blasted. The eruption eventually tarnished brass in California and Colorado, and lowered the earth’s average temperature that year by two degrees Fahrenheit. (source Lonely Planet)

Egli Air's Cessna 206 landed on the ash flow in the
Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes


Although the eruption was a century ago, one of its more visually astounding effects remains. In the middle of Katmai National Park and Preserve, a 6395-sq-mile swatch of wilderness known mainly for its bear watching and salmon fishing, a wide, ash-covered valley is surrounded by steaming, snow-covered volcanic mountains and marked by a surprisingly small, yet several-story-high black mound. This mound is Novarupta (which means “new eruption”), a volcanic vent and the source of the massive 1912 eruption.  (source Lonely Planet)

Naknek Lake
The Beauty of Katmai Land!
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