The Alagnak River and Alaska Trophy Adventures Lodge - The Fish - Part 9 (Lake Trout)

Lake Trout are the largest of the char family and can grow to a massive size. They are Alaska’s largest resident fresh water fish. With distinct spots, elongated bodies and deeply forked tail fins they are easy to identify.
On the Alagnak we mostly see these fish during the early season (June through the first week of July) when they are chasing migrating smolt from the lakes down into our river system.
They are aggressive feeders and will prey on anything and everything in our rivers. If anglers want to target these fish later in the season it is just a short boat ride away to assess one of two lakes full of Lake Trout.
A 7/8 wt. rod with slow sink tips are recommended for these strong fighting fish.
MAIN FISHING PERIOD: All season with Peak Months being June and Late August through September
Once again peak weeks for this beautiful fish fall during our 2016 promotional 3 fisherman for the price of 2 deal in June, August and September!  Take advantage of that by booking online over our website at or calling us on 877 801 2289!

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