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The Alagnak River and Alaska Trophy Adventures Lodge - The Fish - Part 6 (Rainbow Trout)

Rainbow Trout are one of the most prized fish for many anglers traveling to Alaska. Whether if for their great size, or the fact that they fight harder here than anywhere else in the world, the Alaskan Rainbow is a fish that should be on everyone’s bucket list.
With only a few short months to gain crucial weight before the harsh winter begins again, these fish have to be strong, resilient and aggressive feeders, leaving them prone to attack both top water and subsurface flies.
The Alagnak Rainbows, also referred to as “Leopard Trout” because of the pronounced spots which cover their whole body, are truly a dream game fish; one of mother nature’s most beautiful works of art.
We target these fish all season long with great success, using everything from a 6 to a 9 wt. rod. Whether it be a 6 wt. with floating line and mouse pattern, or an 8 wt. doublehanded rod with skagit line and an intruder pattern, you are sure to find the Alaskan Rainbow experience you are looking for on the Alagnak River.  Our prime season for Trophy Rainbow trout is June through Early July / August through September.

MAIN FISHING PERIOD: June 8 - October  

Prime Time:  June and Mid-August till we shut our doors!!!

Prime time for trophy rainbow trout falls during out 2016 Promotional deal of 3 for the price of 2 in June, August and September.  

To take advantage of this amazing value (only $3,330 per person), you can book now at or call us on 877 801 2289!

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