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Alaska Trophy Adventures Lodge Unguided Float Trip

$ 947.50

Unguided Float Trip - 6 Days/ 7 Night - $1,895 pp

 And finally, for the extreme Chuck Norris types out there, we provide a do it yourself float trip package.  We will send you and/or your group, off on this adventure trip with everything you need, from pots and pans to the rafts and tents you will be spending your days and nights in. This is a great way to live out your childhood dream of pitting yourself against a remote Alaskan river, with just a rod in hand, and no one to answer to.  Now I like a warm bed and flush toilet myself, but don’t let me stop you from living your dream!  Like our lodge based packages you will arrive on Sunday, fish Monday through Saturday and depart on the following Sunday.  Bring your own food.

Contact Info

Box 31,
King Salmon,
Alaska, 99613
Phone: +(1) 877 801 2289
Phone: +(1) 907 519 6820
Phone: +(44) 7775 602 424